Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Instant Tiger Cafe

Drinking this coffee will not make you Tony/Toni The Tiger but it will give you renewed energy. I sell a few other products which are not related to haircare in my salon and I will slowly introduce them in this blog. This Instant Tiger Cafe is one of them and the response from my customers are really encouraging. It is really good for the those who always feel tired. For those who are interested to try it, do come and visit me at my salon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bye Bye Mosquitoes, Welcome Guests

Fogging and 'kenduri'! The Town Council decided to send their workers to carry out fogging in my housing area the same day I planned my 'kenduri' for my friends. I had been planning to have this 'kenduri' for quite sometime and I was fortunate when Zainal and Aa volunteered to come down from Pahang to help. I was quite worried when they still hadn't arrived at my place when the time was already 12.00 p.m. I had nobody else to help me since I had only invited people to eat and not to help! Luckily, they showed up not long after that and we went shopping for grocery immediately after that. I was quite surprised when they brought along their own cooking utensils and a big rice cooker. Mira came to help and proved that he had not lost any of his cooking skills. Mira once worked in the kitchen of a well-known beach resort in Pangkor with me and that is how I got to know him. I went to fetch Fa's mother and brother from his place during lunch and also to borrow a few things from his place. I had also asked Intan, my assistant at my salon and her boyfriend to come early to help so I had enough manpower to get the cooking done. Fa came quite late after work and my sister's family came all the way from Manjung. She knew how much I missed home-cooked food so she didn't come empty-handed. Thank you, sis! I didn't have any pictures of the 'kenduri' since I was busy entertaining my guests. The only pictures here are taken by Fa when those guys came to do the fogging. He told them to go further up the block to do their job so the 'smoke' would not get into my house. More than 90 people turned up and thank God, I had enough food for everyone. Thank you, guys for coming to my humble house!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tahlil At Mimi's Place

Mimi and Wan had a tahlil at their new place on Wednesday last week. It was good to see the whole gang there. I closed my salon at about 8.00 p.m. and went to get Fa and Acuconda on the way. Mimi and Wan's families had come all the way from their hometowns to help them out. Mira, Ady and Zizie were already there when we arrived. Mira was in the kitchen accompanied by Zizie (who provided the jokes as usual) and Ady was taking care of Balqis and Batrisya. We helped a little bit and then it was time to wait for the men from the surau to arrive. Coco and a few other friends showed up not too long after that. Wan invited a few friends from his workplace but they could not stay for long since they were working the night shift. A few of Fa's ex-students were also present to attend the tahlil. We had to leave quite early after the tahlil since I had to wake up early to open my salon and Fa and Acuconda had to go to work on the next day. It's been quite a while since all of us get together for gatherings like this even though all of us live in the same town.