Friday, March 19, 2010

Off To Penang

I'm leaving for Penang today for another wedding and this time, I'm taking the bus. I certainly do not want to risk being late again. After I missed my train to Kl last week, I called my friend, Coco, to ask whether there was any late bus to KL. Lucky for me, there was one but from Ipoh. I had to ask Coco to drive me to Ipoh that very same night in order for me to go to KL. I arrived in KL safely but in a daze. I didn't have enough sleep but I still had to stay awake since I had promised to do the make-up for the bride. Well, I hope Penang will be another story for me. I know I will be meeting lots and lots of relatives and friends but too bad, I can't stay there long this time. I need to come back by Sunday since school will be open soon and I know my service is extremely needed at my salon!

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